Tyler Amaya was recommended to me as a trainer for my boys when they were starting out in basketball. As a parent I wanted to sit in and watch Tyler train. I was amazed as to what I saw. Tyler truly has a natural gift as a trainer. He is a great communicator & his experiences as player are part of what makes him successful trainer. Tyler has a calm & positive demeanor and can push & motivate the kids. He trains them on strength & cardio as well as basketball drills. My boys are 15 & 12 now and have trained with Tyler in group settings & one-on-one sessions. My boys are very fond of Tyler & he has been a great mentor to them.
— Grace Rolfson, mother
Tyler is so positive & has a way of pushing you when you want to just want to give up, but you don’t. Don’t know what he does but you leave feeling confident.
— Christian, sophomore
Thank you, Tyler, for the wealth of basketball knowledge, wisdom, and experience you bring to us! You are a true professional and mentor to Trent, and your passion for basketball is evident as you work with him. Trent has made huge improvements from training with you over the years, and his love for basketball has only increased. Not only have you improved his skills, basketball IQ, and mental toughness, you have taught him the importance of discipline, dedication and hard work which he will carry throughout his life.
— Brenna Borgognoni, Mount Vernon, WA
We have worked with a number of trainers for over 20 years with our five kids. Tyler is by far the best trainer we have experienced. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and holds the kids accountable. We really appreciate that as he develops players basketball skills on the court, he also keeps them focused on being outstanding people off the court. We feel very fortunate to have Tyler in our sons life.
— Tina and Chris Johnston
I have been training with Tyler for three years and he has made a huge difference in my game. Every time I show up to training I am challenged not only physically but mentally. Tyler has experienced every situation I encounter. He understands what I am going through and walks me through it. I can ask him any question and he has an answer. I couldn’t imagine where my game would be without him. I look up to Tyler as my mentor, coach and friend.
— Liam Johnston, 8th grade
If you have a daughter or son who has the ambition and strong desire to become a great basketball player, then Tyler is the trainer your child needs to succeed. He is not only a great basketball trainer, but a great mentor and role model. Tyler has the rare ability to coach and teach at the same time. His enthusiasm and personal commitment is infectious, and my daughter Miranda responded very well to his leadership. Tyler could be training One on One or with a group, he has their undivided attention. Because of Tyler, my daughter is a better player and has a better knowledge of the game. Tyler’s training has made her a strong competitor on the court, she made her high school Varsity her freshman year and sophomore year and is looking forward to training with him for the next two high school seasons. Thanks Tyler for teaching her to love every part of the game.
— Jessica Johnson, mother
Having Tyler Amaya as my daughter’s basketball coach has been one of the best investments we have made for Mary thus far! Little did we know 3 years ago when Mary started training with Tyler she would learn everything she needed to succeed in basketball. As well, Tyler would also teach Mary basic fundamentals to succeed in life. If you are a parent, you can understand how valuable that is. Because as much as we have shared with Mary, it was never heard like she heard it when Tyler shared similar views and values!

Tyler has been an important role model in our daughter’s life and we will be forever grateful to him. Basketball is her love, and when she started she knew very little, and so did we! I found out about this great coach that was helping any basketball players that have the desire to give their best. Tyler demanded Mary’s best and expected her full effort, which she gave freely and effortlessly due to the bar that Tyler set, and gave of himself. His example spoke volumes.

We left and went overseas for a year and on our return, the first person Mary asked for me to get in touch with, was Tyler. Mary had little confidence when she first started, but through Tyler’s coaching, she has grown and developed into a strong basketball player that has been taught to give her very best, and to believe in herself and most importantly to have an attitude and sportsman’s character that is remembered after the game is over. That is due to Tyler and his gift of coaching.

He cares very deeply for our children and loves nothing more to pass on all he has learned in his long and impressive basketball career. We are very blessed to have Tyler in Skagit Valley!
— Donna, Mount Vernon Mom